Risk Insurance

Services for personal and business clients

AMG provides a comprehensive risk management service for our personal and business clients.

With access to more than 350 financial products from over 30 of Australia’s leading fund managers, our fully qualified financial advisers can implement a risk management plan that will help you protect yourself, your family, and your financial assets – and provide peace of mind.

Our advice is clear, considered and objective

Our experienced, professional and technically skilled advisers provide clear, considered and objective advice to help you make the right decisions regarding wealth protection. We can help you to improve your quality of life and ensure you and your family are protected, and are committed to the provision of ongoing, professional financial advice and services.

An extensive range of business solutions

Our extensive range of financial risk products and years of expertise mean that our advisers can deliver a variety of business insurance solutions, including key person insurance, buy/sell insurance and partnership protection insurance.

Personal insurance solutions include family protection insurance, loan protection insurance and income protection insurance.

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