Our Services

AMG is an independent, Australian-owned financial services company providing advisory services for property finance, development finance, business finance and property and risk insurance related services.

We specialise in debt advisory, and have been supporting our clients to achieve their financial goals with our personalised, transparent and professional service since 1997.

We offer our clients access to an extensive range of products and lenders, and can take care of the entire financing process, from initial consultation through to settlement and post settlement support.


Our Team

Michael Chan | Founder, Executive Director

Michael Chan is the founder and Managing Director at AMG Corporate Pty Ltd. Mr Chan is a holder of an Australian Credit Licence with responsibility for marketing and distribution programs, client management and corporate relationships within his organisation.

Mr Chan has extensive experience in broad based financial services, honed over almost 40 years in both the consumer and commercial segments. He has had major responsibility for the financial strategic direction of the company, pairing his hands on knowledge and critical thinking with an expansive range of financial contacts within the banking sector and private equity firms.

Prior to establishing AMG Corporate in 1995, he worked in strategic business development and marketing at several companies, both in the private and public sectors. He has held various directorships, including Australian Mortgage & Securities Group and Asset Backed Mortgages. Mr Chan’s greatest strengths are his creativity, drive and leadership and he thrives on challenges, particularly those that expand the company’s reach.

Mr Chan has enjoyed a strong association with the Make a Wish Foundation and more recently is the founding chairman of The Mate Foundation – a men’s health initiative with its principal purpose to help raise awareness of issues affecting men’s health, which he will launch officially this year.

Darcy Brown | Associate Director

Darcy Brown is Associate Director at AMG Corporate Pty Ltd. His technical approach to complex securities & lending structures has seen him carve an enviable reputation amongst not only his clients, but also with those financial institutions with whom AMG interacts.

Darcy’s strategic approach and thoughtful negotiation skills, are underpinned by almost a decade of experience in the property and finance industry, with a dedicated focus on SME business and property lending.

His career has included working in institutional and business banking for NAB, and in the private sector, representing family offices on complex transactions & managing diverse portfolios of real assets and investments.

His skill in transaction management, business & property transactions, leasing and capital procurement is specialised and utilises his particular knowledge of property analysis, capital structuring and placement, complex security structures and credit analysis and mitigation.

His trusted advice is transparent and well researched and is delivered with the goal of building long term relationships that deliver satisfying results for his clients.

Mathew Ciavarella | Senior Account Manager

As Senior Account Manager at AMG, Mathew’s principle focus lies on residential lending and the procurement of residential finance.

With responsibility for all residential and commercial deal flows as head of overall operations and compliance in his previous role, Mathew has honed his skills in banking and finance, having held positions in credit and client relationship services, and the last 8 years in mortgage broking.

He brings an expansive knowledge of residential mortgages in a forever changing and challenging environment.

That knowledge, coupled with more than two decades of experience in loan structuring and SME lending, has provided a solid foundation on which he assists clients to find the most appropriate solutions for both their short and long term fiscal health.

Mathew has earned a Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management and is a member of the MFAA, and pairs this formal education with an innate desire to solve problems within the residential finance arena.

Mathew Ciavarella

Chris Chan | Credit Risk and Compliance

Chris has 13 years’ experience in the finance industry commenced in mortgage management. With a focus on property and business finance, his abilities are in investigating suitable recommendations, structuring and credit analysis. Chris’ high ethical standards, attention to detail and ability to work diligently, make him perfectly placed to take responsibility for compliance at AMG.